.net 3.5.1 trouble

Hi All

When I got my win7 machine, one of the things I did in the process of getting vvvv working wat to disable .net 3.5.1 to get .net 2.0 working well. now that beta24 is here and require .net 3.5.1 I wanted to enable it.
When doing so from the “Turn Windows features on or off” function it went ahead and did something while a green line got longer.
Then it said there was an error. so I restarted the machine as it suggested and on shutdown and startup it presented me with the classic do not turn of the your computer, windows is configuring your updates. on reboot it got to 100% but then said there was an error and reverted.
so no beta 24 for me then.
then I tried the same thing again but with the latest dx9 installed freshly. After turning on .net3.5.1 in the “Turn Windows features on or off” function that again failed I tried to run beta24 before the restart and it seems to work fine.
However when I shut down the machine and reboot the same thing happen, windows report an error and revert to the previous installation.
I can make beta24 run by enabling .net3.5.1 every time I start the computer but that is a bit annoying. Windows doesn’t give any error messages that I can see so I don’t really know how to progress from here.

Any ideas?

I am on win7pro 64bit


did you uninstall .net 2.0 before? did you try to download .net 3.5.1 and insall it by hand?

on win 7 i just downloaded .net 2.0 and installed it, it worked for me together with the preinstalled .net 3.5.1, i never used the add/remove feature dialog for it…


Getting a bit weirder.

I discovered that I had .net4.0 installed. Removed it (.net4.0), no change except that now vvvv won’t even start before the reboot after I have enabled the .net3.5.1 in the “Turn Windows features on or off” function.

next step is to try to install .net3.0 an try to update from there since I can only find a web installer for .net3.5 and that tells me to use the “Turn Windows features on or off” function.

or does anyone else have an idea?

note: beta23 still seem to work.

@tonfilm I could only find a webinstaller that tells me to use the “Turn Windows features on or off” function. is there a redistributable version of .net3.5.1 ?


I am mystified by the fact that beta23 still works seemingly without any kind of .net? or is it just some sort of base .net2.0 functionality of win7 that kicks in?

i am very not sure…:) have you tried windows update!? this could fix the version troubles i guess…

Well, Now that I uninstalled all things looking like .net4 I ran windows update and it suggested that I installed “microsoft .net framework 4 client profile” I did that, still not success.

I have then tried to add .net 3.5.1 in the “Turn Windows features on or off”. and it said it failed again, again with no error message. and the asks for a reboot. I then chose not to reboot and beta 24 starts happily but I am pretty sure that windows will revert back to a not working state once I reboot.

I am puzzled

I have ended up concluding that it seems that I had messed up my windows and I have now reinstalled it. beta24 now work fine.