Nested ObjectEditors

hello hello,

Let’s say I have a Foo class that has two properties that are Channel<Bar> and Channel<Baz>.
I have created two IObjectEditor for Bar and Baz, and a third one for Foo that has just two ObjectEditor nodes in TabItem regions, for both Bar and Baz.

The two properties are Channels because I need to deserialize them from XML on startup, and react to changes (serialize them to disk) when edited. For that, I have the Deserialize operation fed to the Initial Value pin of the Channel node, and a ForEach (Channel) after that serializes and writes to disk, as follows :


So this is all working fine if I’m calling Bar on Foo, that gives me a Channel that I can feed to the ObjectEditor and update Bar. Cool.

What I don’t understand is how I’m supposed to edit Foo directly. I can see my custom editor if I create a Channel out of it and feed it to the ObjectEditor, but the values I tweak don’t get propagated back to Bar and Baz.

Generally I feel there’s something I still don’t get with Channels, for instance whether it’s good practice to have properties as Channels directly, or if I should only “make channels out of them” with Select (ByPath) ? Or why does the ForeEach (Channel) also accepts non-channels? Does it make channels out of them on the fly?

Thanks in advance :3


went for a different approach using a GlobalChannel, which makes sense here because this Bar thing shall be read in multiple places. I still don’t get though how I’m supposed to feed an instance of Foo to an ObjectEditor.