Nested ForEach Loop

hi all :)

ok I got 3 categories (X), each with a different number of tags (Y), and want do arrange them in 2d

what would be slick vl solution for this problem?
I tried with different loop types but finally got stuck.

so any help on this would be appreciatedcallmenames3.v4p (8.7 KB)

wondering what vl can do…

if you double-click in the loop you and type ‘index’ you can create an inlet that gives you the current index. with that you can GetSlice data. but for this problem the VL wrapper already does half of the work. since inside the VL patch you can think slicewise:

if you want to patch all in VL you have to nest the loops like this, where the inner loop is the same as above:

and here is how to use them in your patch:

Vectors per (8.8 KB)

aw I was so close… ok now I got how to use the sinks and when to directly tap into a region.


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