Need some help with shader(dx11) programming

Hi, trying to learn some shader programming. The renderer you see in the image is from an other patch as reference. First question: can I use NullGeometry like this?

Eh, I think I can speak for anyone here. Without a patch and\or bits of code… (9.7 KB)
I’ve got no experience in programming at all… First try :) I’ve used the dx11.effect template. By the way, what is a register used for? like:

cbuffer cbPerDraw : register( b0 )

Yes I Can! The vertex count was wrong though… Next step a compute shader to append data to the buffers… (14.2 KB)


Registers are for the feature level management under the hood in the api, i think they used also to optimise memory bandwidth somehow, but you won’t really need them. You can remove the whole cbuffer stuff…

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