Need help with osc

hi guys,

does anybody know a good v4 osc tutorial? i want to connect v4 with ni reaktor but it won’t work and now i feel a little bit dump. what i want to do is to trigger samples in reaktor from v4 but i absolutely don’t know how to setup this osc thing.


helo andi.

actually there is not much more to know than there is in the OSCEncoders helppatch. have you seen it?

what you need to know:

  • your receivers ip-address

  • your receivers port
    both to be configured on the UDP (Network Client) node

  • your receivers osc-address starting with a /

  • your messages typetag: s for string, i for integer, f for float

  • your messages arguments: needs to be a spread of strings. if you want to send integers or floats convert them to strings first with FormatValue (String)

  • does reactor understand osc-bundles? (i guess so) then leave the “SpreadAsBundle” pin at 1, else set it to 0.
    all to be configured on the OSCEncoder node that connects to the UDP node.

hmmm, you are right - yesterday the help patch didn’t work so i thought there is no one for the osc stuff. ok, i will have a look at the help patch.

much thanks