Need help to work my head around this

Hi guys,

My aim here is to copy the colors of every column of a grid, to the column to the left. It sounds confusing so I have attached a patch of what I am trying to do to demonstrate. Problem is, my method sucks.

It is managable to do this when the grid is 4 x 4, but the grid in my project is 64 x 12.

Anyone can advice me on how to remake this? I am going crazy!

Please note that I can not use textures, as it is needed in the project for the grids to actually change color.



ShiftColorsLeft.v4p (25.7 kB)

I am still troubled with this, anyone can offer a new method I can attempt?



strange, my answer got lost.

use Queue (Color) and then SwapDim (Spreads) on the indices to get the queued columns to rows.

Thanks woei,

I will test it out as soon as I get back to my work PC… even though I am not sure how changing the columns to rows will help me… maybe I just simply didn’t grasp what SwapDim (spreads) does exactly…

Will try it and report back.