Need Help/Tips for a new module


i try to build a module, that can fade in new created slices smoothly and also fade slices out before they are deleted by decreasing the spreadcount.

see the attached patch, which illustrates nicely what i like to do.

i have a few problems… when increasing the incomming spreadsize, due the feedback loop, the creation of the new slices are delayed each by one frame… change the incomming spreadsize fast to see the effect… decreasing is no problem no markable delay…

second problem: spreadcount feed with 0 produce ever increasing output spreadcounts…

i suspect what the problem but at the moment a cant solve it…
maybe the patch should be realised in a whole different way…

im thankfull for every little hint…

cheers ele

SpreadCountFader.v4p (17.9 kB)

In fact that that that the spreadcount of your FADE OUT is already 1 + SPREAD COUNT OUT, why don’t you use a high spreadcount (e.g.) and a barspread?


hi kalle…

thx. of course i could do that, that would make thinks a lot easier. but its more elegant when spreadcount always have the optimal size… but maybe theres a way to adapt the spreadcount of the BarSpread without a feedback loop… i try that thx,

well…what about this one…you might have to prevent negative spreadcounts

elefader.v4p (15.3 kB)

forget the last one
take this

elefader.v4p (17.7 kB)

hey thanks kalle… you are really a fast patcher :)

this works formidable…

i think i can adapt the size of the bar spread by a nonfixed value… just by adding up the framedifference of the spreadcount… i try that out…

thanks alot

hi ele, kalle,

so, i have to see that kalle already came up with some good aproaches. but i also sat dwon so here is my idea:

cheers seb

SpreadCountFader.v4p (16.9 kB)

dear gregsn,
what i expexted form your solution:
*less nodes
*brilliant simple
*simply brilliant.

you’re so kind, kalle! thanks… but it’s the idea counts!
and the idea of making such a module is simply brilliant…

hey guys
thanks alot…

the module and helpfile is comming soon… i try to use damper and oscillator instead adsr. id like to finish the module now but i have to work…

hey when i have a new idea i just write it down in the forum and you patch it for me :) hehehe…

cheers ele