Need help on FPS

Hi everybody!
I got some trouble to use the couple current time / time to string.
I want to use them to title files with an automatic video recorder patch.
But when they are linked to my string title system, all the patch turn to 1fps.
I use mainloop in differents configurations to try to solve the problem whitout success.
What’s wrong?
This is the begining of a project for a music festival, is someone can help me?

ai hubert, can you provide a simple patch demoing that problem? seems to me it is rather not connected to the 2 nodes you mentioned…

Hi Joreg,

I have a “théorical design” about the definitive organisation of the patch, but it is in french & still on paper for the moment.
So I try to export my current test-patch in a zip file with some stuff (.avi; .txt). I wish it work when you unzip it…
Start “devaction”
Thank you for your interest. (10.6 MB)

I forgot,
on the right corner, if you just link “time to string” to “recvideo1b” “filename to rec” pin, all the patch goes to 1fps…


the problem here is that the Writer (DShow9) does not only record when the Record is set to 1, but also does some preparations as soon as the filename is changed.

so what you should do, is sampleholding (using S+H (Animation) ) the new filename and only letting it through on record. see?

Big thanks!
That exactly what pass thru my mind on the road this afternoon.
(I can’t only drive when I use my car…).
I try it right now…
See you

Everything is ok, thank you Joreg.
See you