NEED HELP - Im working on a patch for a semester projekct


Im making a patch for my 2nd semester at ArT in Denmark. (see file)

I have 9 different samples. I want the patch to randomly play one of the nine samples
when I press one of the nine toggle buttons in the IO box. for example I want sound 7
to play when I press toogle button 3.

I have used setslice to set 9 in index and then attached a random to the getslice index.
The getslice gets a value for 20ms and then switched fast between all the values until it chooses
a random value for the next 20s. So far i have made the patch choose a random slice.

What I want is that when I press a random toogle button a random sample will play. The sound will play
as long as the sample are and then stop.The patch should be able to do this with 9 samples and 9 toogle buttons.

I really wish some help, I hope I have explained myself properly enough…

Please, write back if my explanation is nonsense to any of you.

the file. please open (9.8 kB)

hi i didn’t really try it out with sound but it should do the job

4.v4p (5.6 kB)

actually in my patch you have to disconnect the bang from the play pin , and set play pin to 1.

4.v4p (5.5 kB)

Hey vvvv freinds :)

I uploaded a patch a while ago on this forum and im still aptching on it…

I got some help to construct a patch caoable of playing random samples when random toogle buttons was pressed…

what I really want to do, is to make an external pressure sensor work as a button instead of a toogle button inside vvvv.

I have the arduino application + an arduino with an analog sensor attached throuh analog inn… + I have the firmata also… I have uploaed standard firmata to my board and connected the sensor…

Im not sure how to expand my patch???

As you can see I have the arduinofirmata node in my patch… the sounds goes crazy when I enable the node…

can some one please give me a some advice on how to use a pressure sensor as a button to trigger the sounds in my patch

4_4 mine.v4p (6.2 kB)