Need desperate help please!

I have this sequence that I have created in the patch attached. it has two stages, smooth transitions and flashing textural (with video textures)

I want to have the flashing video textural stuff cut the texture for the last few seconds so its white flashing just before it goes back to the smooth white transitions…

Sorry about my patch its very dirty.

Any help would be really appreciated!!

dataflux sliced white lines random 13.v4p (330.4 kB)

i just had a look at your patch…do you expect someone to help if you deliver such a mess ?

your problem doesnt sound too hard but i dont find space to put something in your patch.

Clean up and make some subpatches, it would be faster

wow! that that is very dirty. Have you read about subpatching? You’ll appreciate getting on top of organisation now believe me.

Also when asking for help on here with a patch, it can be best to make a patch that simplifies the actual concept what you want help with.

im sorry i hav enever subpatched. i am new to creating large patches. Its really emergency because I have to show this tomorrow!