Need cooperationpartner for a installation project

I am currently searching for a reliable project partner to jointly implement an installation project in the context of my master thesis in media science (UP/FH Potsdam). It is necessary to work oneself into the subject of kinect fusion and experiment within various open source programs and libraries, which versions and codes apply best for the implementation. The aim is to fully capture a room and work with point clouds, which, translated into 3D, will be made visible and tangible through an interactive NUI in an augmented reality (AR) layer.
I am not familiar with programming languages and thus can only presume which skills are needed:
C++ or VVVV and Processing are a must.
For kinect OpenNI is needed and apparently the SimpleOpenNI library will be very useful for described purposes. Also the PointCloud library will be very helpful for the project and additionally Microsoft has already published a SDK for kinects.
For the AR implementation I found free frameworks (C-library ARToolKit, Microsoft Silverlight) but how to fusion the data from the kinects with the AR implementation exceeds my understanding and research capacity.
I would like to work with someone who can also use this project for his studies (university) and therefore has ambition and time. Until now there is no financial support and I am rather working towards a technical support. There should be intense communication in order to test visions and necessary iterations and their feasibility. The object is not to implement a prewritten guideline, but rather to exchange creative input concerning the possible visual translation formats of the digital fragments, the exhibition setting and the interface design and application. I welcome an active and creative project partner, who is in the mood and desire to go wild within the bounds of what is possible.
I am flexible concerning the beginning of the project, but the final deadline would be latest end of November.
For those interested I will be happy to send an abstract and detailed information about myself. (