Nearly there: gestural recording

hi there, im trying to adapt the existing gestural recording patch from diki, and pair it with the animation tools mentioned in a previous thread. i seem to be hitting some weird obstacles. if u see in the attached patch, on the left, when u toggle the record… and move the mous over the renderer the movement is recorded… whereas when u connect the sliders… it does not seem to work?? strange becuase they are just -1 -> 1 values no??

scratches head

gesturerecord2.v4p (63.3 kB)

LOL, hoover above your sliders, you see they have like 321 slices, I bet you have connected a Linearspread or something with those sliders. Just connect a new Iobox to the top off those sliders, and they work.

Looks cool btw :)

ah yes… stupid me!

thanks… it really is just taking diki’s ideas!! but i will see how i can work them a bit better. this program still confuses me :\

i am eager to see your results. don’t let vvvv confuse you! :)

theyre not very good :) but thanks for the help so far diki.
ive be tolling on a circular buffer, which is nearly working but the main problem im having is trying to get things in real time. ive tried applying a constant samplerate but i keep hitting walls.

i will keep at it anyways :)

here it is so far.

ok… i have gotten about as far as i can get…


-records continually then takes a snapshot of the last 5 secs (500 frames) roughly when u toggle record.

-should be able to make this larger

-the phase sways a bit, im guessing from the frame delays, and the way i have the timing set up.

so far this should suit my needs, its doesnt have to be immaculate but id be interested to see what you think, and if u have any improvements, even better.


gesturerecord9.v4p (36.3 kB)
gesturerecord13.v4p (31.6 kB)

err the second one…13.

i should add that so far its only for the X axis