Just dabbled a day with MySQL within VL, and I thought my progress might be interesting to others as well.

The use case is super easy: save all games to a database, so a Top10 can be extracted. Additionally it can tell the current potential rank for a running game.

Unlike with the old vvvv nodes I still have total control if an operation should be blocking or async, which is really nice. Nested and convoluted SQL statements are fully supported.
The patch demonstrates on how Readers and Connections need to be opened and (eventually) closed.

This is a lot of handywork (fine for this usecase with just one tiny table), and even business logic buried deep in this patch, it can hardly be called a generalized or modular piece of code. (282.5 KB)

If you want to test this yourself, create a new Database called “skyguide” and use the in-patch-initialisation to create the table structure with a bang. Make sure to use a current alpha