MySQL getting ammount of records

Is there any clever way I can figure out how much records my MySQL database has, without pulling all the ID’s and using a Count (string) node? I have much records, and pulling them all just doesn’t feel okay.

Also, I am using WAMP for now, but don’t need the appache/php stuff, so any light MySQL’s out there??

thnx already :)

SQL COUNT() function.

I tried this one too but can you post a little example on how to use it? On what pin do I enter it?

My Table name: mp3
Columns are named: id (auto increment) and folder
(and a lot off extra stuff, but just lets keep it at this)

The tutorials I got are like the onefrom this website

But we have no COUNT pin, so not sure how to do it all. Getting highest id is not working when I delete a few records.

I did manage most other stuff I wanted to do :)

Something like this:


“COUNT(folder)” = Fields pin
“mp3” = Tables Pin

I think you´ll have to create an Output-Pin called “Count” and the result will be shown there, but I don´t know exactly. I´m currently on OSX and can´t test it myself.

Using this Query

“Select COUNT(folder) FROM mp3”

And than making an output pin called “COUNT(folder)” seems to work :)

Thnx man :) Would have never guest this one!!

Nice. Then all other SQL Functions should work too (never tested it before).

And one might also be able to do this:

SELECT COUNT(folder) AS MyCount FROM mp3

and have an output-pin “MyCount” instead of “COUNT(folder)”

:) That surely works too!! Think I understand it now, power of the MySQL nodes is way beyond the pins…

Will put some stuff on the Wiki when I nailed my MP3 player till perfection…