My textures problems on sphere


I was trying to build a sphere with a world map as texture. But on the edge where both sides of the map come together I can always see some stretched pixels, no matter what picture I use. I tried the different texture mapping types but I doesn’t help. How can I put the map so it closes nice at the edges?

My second problem is that the texture does not display right on the top of the sphere at some angles. It seems that the map from the inside of the sphere comes through the top of the sphere. Looks like a problem with ‘normals’. I limited the camera to the front half of the sphere but that seems to be a bad workaround. Anything I can do to prevent this?

Thanks for any help


Try with an .xfile and not the directX primitive(wich seems to have some bug)…and set the depthbuffer to D24X8 in the renderer’s inspector…

if you are using one of the effects like Gouraud… or Phong… open them and look for an outcommented line:
//Wrap0 = U; // useful when mesh is round like a sphere

remove the first // to remove the comment and see if that helps.
also try with the girlpower/images/earth_512x512.jpg iage that should not show any artifacts.

Try this!!

Cheers… (60.9 kB)