My project, beta version (...)

Hi there, here is the first working version of my project.
It’s generating sounds form shapes and colors.

shapes and color dectection was done on VVVV ( that’s why I was asking so many things about Contour node, Colortracking node and other related nodes on the forum some months ago XD )
I still got problems with shapes and color detection, I use a Unibrain Fire-I cam, and its sensor is a bit weak (or I didn’t manage to calibrate it correctly on VVVV).
My goal was to create a way to generate music from anykind of object, so in this example I use pieces of colored papers, but I can also use lots of stuff like cellphones, my hands, pictures, clothes, faces…)
the cam is under the glass.

simply :

  • grey/black shapes generates rythm and bass sounds (depending on their position and their size
  • red ones generates some treble sounds
  • blue ones some middle/bass sounds

each object as an influence on sound, some add new sounds, other modulate existing sounds (it depends of their order.

so the dectection part is made on VVVV, and sounds part on PureData (poor sounds for the moment, I discovered VVVV and PureData while starting this project, so I’m still a Noob on both, but I’m learning :) )

anyway here it is :

[](my project)

(sorry for the intro, I was a bit tired when I did it XD)
and sounds for the box feel unnatural cause I didn’t recorded it with my cam (mic was to weak) I recorded it ,while filming, on my computer with Audacity and added it while encoding video, so It’s the true “box’s sound” ^^

if people wanna see my VVVV patch, I can share of course.

Still working on !