My Little (first) Surface Mapping Project

Hi, i am new to vvvv and started today. I am really impressed how fast i could get started and finished what i wanted to make.

My project goals:

  • easy to use Surface Mapping Software

  • variable “Scenes”

  • control via midi (a midi sequencer or/and real time + midi clock sync)

  • possibility to “access” every of the surfaces with a

    • video / image
    • color
    • effects
  • Library of “Content” (videos etc.)

  • Rewrite the display to real 3d, guess it would make it easier for making new scenes

How far did i get so far:

  • done a subpatch for the Projection surface (Grid + texture + Homography + Outline for “debugging”)
  • made this cool rope animation tutorial and implemented it
  • Remade Projection to “real 3d”

Picture so far in big:

New Version:

If you have any suggestions or help for me, I am happy about everything that makes this project not too hard (will be crazy to make the videos for the projection later ^^)

Ahh sry my bad, links to pictures dont work an i cant edit my post…

The image is too low res to see anything, anyway you should really dig into the Projector node and real 3D objects instead of 2D homography, it s much more fun!

thank you for your reply, after a couple of hours of sleep i found the edit button

scince i started yesterday with vvvv and had only some programming inn other languages, mainly php + js, i wanted to make get started fast.
The homography was a solution for this project I found very quick so I used it.

When I have a running version of all the things I want to implement, I will come back to the projection surfaces. I guess the 3d will make more complex scenes easier

So, made it “Real 3d” :D

New Images in Starting Post

Has anyone an idea how i can “make a stack” of textures, at the moment i give the subpatch the koordinates and sizes of 3 Planes to form a “cube” can i give it also 3 different textures?


Got it solved, made a spread of textures with “cons”