My first ... thingy

Hello everyone.
At my “dayjob” we have a client for whom we are building led walls etc . So i wanted to play around with the idea to visualize how it could look like.

Actual System that we are building P6-1.JPG

As i am noobie starting it from scratch is well , not easy but these kinds of things give me a good ideas of things to try out and essentially learn more of VVVV.

The whole thing is quite simple. It has a Background gradient a 3d model that i can look at with orbit camera and a menu to select different videos/textures on the wall.
More or less it is working but it is quite … erm slow and doesn’t look right.

I am attaching my patch and I will be very happy if the PROs have the time to look at it and tell me where I screwed up.
Some advice or anything actually :)

P.S if i messed up categories and tags please let me know so i can move it.

Thanks in advance !

My patch (748.7 kB)

well first of all, to make it faster, you should put maximum frame rate in mainloop to something like 120

The frame limit was set because I was testing it on a Windows Touchscreen tablet with low specs , seems i forgot to remove it for the upload.