My DLL crashes vvvv

I wrote a C# class library that I want to use from VL. I can add the dependency, and it shows up in the NodeBrowser. I can navigate to the class I want to instantiate and place a Create node. It doesn’t take any input. Next I create the pad I want to connect to its output. As soon as I finish the connection, vvvv crashes without a trace.

vvvv gamma version 2020.2.5.

The source code for the class library is here. It includes a command line program that is compiled from the same source code and it runs without any problems.

What can cause this? Are there any debug options I can enable in vvvv to get an idea of what’s going on?

If you run it in Visual Studio as Class Library project, you can then go to debug, and do that:

So, in advance, you create your patch reference the dll, from the project and after gamma starts you open that patch… And there you go…

So then when exception occurs you will see where it happens…
But i must admit that plugin codding in VL is bit cumbersome, since you’ll get hanged every time you add new node, if you don’t do null check in the code…

You can also attach the debugger:

The problem was that the library was compiled with TargetFramework set to net50. Changed it to net48 and the problem is gone.

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