Musical notes: audio analyser... or something else?

Hi, if you want vvvv to identify some musical notes, what node do you use? I am using Audio Analysis and Getslice, but works a bit weird.

vux doc ftttricks

that must be very interesting, but I don’t understand almost anything. What should I do to make fft react to a given musical note?

I mean, I know fft reacts to musical notes, but how can I use that and isolate each note so that I can link each of them to different consequences? (one of them sets off an animation, another one causes a videoclip to be shown…)

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well answering the question computationally “how many fingers you see?” requires shitload amount of mathematics too. humans are too complicated stuffs…

well, what if I know very little math?

If you don’t want to build it from the ground up you are really better off to do your analysis in Pure Data or Max MSP and to pipe this in to vvvv over osc.

You could use the ~fiddle object in both cases.

fiddle? aha, interesting.
there is something that puzzles me quite a lot, the weird thing I mentioned at first:
audio analysis seems to work fine when it “hears” my voice going up and down the musical notes (C and D set off a song, F and G set off a video…), but then i try to use a virtual piano and… nothing happens. Recording my voice is no good either, and I just cannot sing all the time. Hoarseness and soreness coming on…