… is still on the list of 'most helpful patches that are not in the girlpower folder yet '. come on, that patch is of interest to at least one third of the entire newbie audience!

yeah! downloaded it very often so far.

indeed!.. no text …

ok! not so bad idea, any recommended improvements?
should the FFT4Channels and BeatDetector also ship with the release?

and math constants…

please stand up for fft4 and beatdetector !!!

never used them, but they sound like the sort of thing that’s convenient to ship with something called ‘music3d’ (provided that they are functional, of course).

sure, i often use the FFT4Channels and BeatDetector, will be nice if you include it permanently.

they are added now, i also included the SelfAlign shader.

but the change log announces an ‘SlefAlign.fx’…

spelling corrected ;)