Multitouch with UI element overlay


if Elementa isn’t multi touch ready yet then what is the way to go with Gamma/Stride ?
Any tricks for managing UIElement overlay ?


Maybe try to wrap Notui. Thought about doing it myself once but ended up using simple hittesting since the GUI wasn’t that complex.

I did some promising prototype will try to make a git with it tomorrow


Hi, thanks for the answers. I think using Notui in my case is a little too much, as I won’t need many kind of controls or functionality.

So I worked this out :

What I needed is a simple hierarchy for parent/child transformation. Also dynamic pin for input to easily add more childs to a control and I have an interface IControl so I can potentially extend a little.

Far from perfect and need some polish but if you have any advice let me know. I’m curious how I could make this even tighter.

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Hi this one does buttons but no sliders yet

VL.ANT.UI.vl (184.0 KB)
uitester2.vl (22.1 KB)

Also it takes in to account order of in witch everything is connected…


Nice stuff, it is indeed a good idea to separate logic and display as you did. Elementa is doing this with the Drawable, which is very convenient.

But for the patching I would try to avoid using FrameDelay and Monoflop because it would be easy to fall into some circular framedelay madness like in beta before.

I’m leaning toward this now :
MultiTouch_Buttons.vl (413.9 KB)

I added Group and Group(Spectral) as well as Bang, Toggle and Press for buttons. Also I’m thinking about storing a reference to the TouchPoint inside the control as well which could be useful in some scenario.

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Hi, yea true, i think it is used to block other inputs while you hovering, don’t think i had time to fix it… But that’s only a prototype…

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