Multiscreen softedge in boygroup

hello,everyboby.i try to use the multiscreen spanmode with boygroup.all work find, but i have a problem with th softedge.i can use getslice to take the output for all clients, but the softedge it is always at right of the screen on all the client.

how to solve it.thanks advance.

multiBoygroup3.v4p (8.7 kB)

Hi Andy,

looks fine for me. But You should have a look into multispan subpatch, the upper left cons.node should have X overlap inputs at 1 and 3, and Y inputs at pin 2 and 4.
Your fault sounds like one is missing there or might be set to zero. Otherwise download a fresh mutlspan subpatch and overwrite old one.

I’m having the same issue here. I want to put 4 projectors into two lines (2x2) and softedge them. I’m using two graficcards for the projectors.
the softedge function of the multiscreen module does funny things. Also I can not arrange my renderers into one big renderer, because span-mode over 4 projectors isn’t supported with two graficcards.

did anyone look into this yet?
maybe gregsn could help us out?

i’ll help you out in the next release coming in the next 10 days, oki?
(and sorry for the multiscreen malware)

Hi gregsn,

thanks,Look forward to your good news.
Thanks everybody again.

jippieeee! gregsn rules!!!