Multiscreen node and video doesn't work

i opened the multiscreen/dualview patch and added videoin and videotexture nodes, and connected them to the texture pin on the pillow.
video only renders in one renderer, depending on which one i click on. my graphics card is an ati 1600xt.
does multiscreen work with video?
i have a suspicion i would be better using the single view and a matrox dualhead2go.

i guess, that it won’t be working, since a complete texture (including the video) is sent to both renderers, then the texture is displaced in the x-axis.
so, the videotexture is always connected to both renderers.

but just a guess

we had this before (i should really document this on a proper place):

nvidia and ati drivers offer two different modes of multiview:

  • dualview
  • spanmode

in spanmode videotexture works on both monitors (only one renderer spans across both monitors)

in dualview mode videotexture does not work on both monitors. you’ll have to playback the video twice and use two videotexture nodes.