Multiscreen node and DualView mode problem

Hello. I’m developing simple dualprojector installation and found very usual problem. I’m using MultiScreen node for edge blending and spanning output texture into two displays. Because i’m using DualView (spanmode in new nvidia drivers deprecated even in WinXP), video is showing only on one display. What is the best approach to pass this limitation? I’m tried SharedMemory but looks like it’s not working with my 720p stream. On forums i’m hear about flash video aproach, but what preferences and encoder i must use and does it’s supports HD?

yeah flash will do it. The old node renderer(flash). re:codecs that is all the flash side of things. You’ll also need to feed some play control into flash. Never done the video thing but I know that flash players move across multiply heads. do you know flash at all?

Also, you can have two video streams and sync them up. Then you can play out to two heads.

Hi. Thanks for the tips, i will try to use synced playback. Yes, i know flash and i tested it’s videoplayback inside vvvv - all works fine. Exept sometimes Render(Flash) have little unexpected behaviour. I’m tested video with default Flash video player component and it’s lacks some important features like playlist and simple communication with vvvv. I think i can develop something like this, but i didnt have enought time for it in this project. If someone have working version of flashbased video player that can communicate with vvvv and can share it, it’s will be awesome.