Multiscreen (EX9) in a dual head setup

Hello patchers,
I gotta question on the Multiscreen (DX9). The softedge stubbornly sticks on the right side of both render windows.
I remember successfully fighting with this module some time ago, but I can not recall how I did it. Probably I manually dragged the softedge to it’s desired position after all.
I’m sure all the magic is already in there to be very useful for everybody, however, I don’t manage to find it for now…
Any hints?

Multiscreen Dual Bug.v4p (6.1 kB)

You need Multiscreen (Dualview) I guess

i think you used the legacy module?

here’s your example with the neweer multiscreen module - but probably you better refer to its helppatch.

Multiscreen_zepi.v4p (10.4 kB)

hm, it seems to be the same problem with both patches as soon as you add a second renderer and GetSlice the crops into each renderer.
The Multiscreen Dualview works somehow but has some bugs with the calibration features. It would be cool to update the latest module and helppatch… I am guessing the trouble is somewhere in the softedge shader. unfortionately I don’t speak HLSL at the moment ;)

is that what you need?

Multiscreen_zepi2.v4p (12.6 kB)

hey sebl,
yes, thats it. thanks.

you even could delete the MultiViewport (EX9), since you don’t need viewports when using two separate renderers and only display one “screen” per renderer.

hehe, thats true