MultiScreen (DX11) 'Transformations Index' pin?

Dear Mr. Vux,

I’ve almost ported the MultiScreen (EX9) to DX11.

But there is one problem:
If the Crop of the Renderer (DX11) receives 4 transforms, but there are only 2 Viewports.
How would I switch which screens I want to see?

There is the Transformations Index in the Renderer (DX9), but the pin is missing in his DX11 friend.

Ok, I can use GetSlice (Node) to pick particular transforms from a spread of Crop transforms, but the ScreenNumber (DX11) will not know about it.

Thank you!

there is ViewportIndex validator

Transformations Index r.i.p

Hi Antokhio,

thank you again for the hint, but how should I use the ViewportIndex (DX11.Validator) if I want to render 2 of my 4 “screens”?
And how can I say which 2 of them I want to render?


that tricky u take ur layer output then do group apply getslice validator 1 then group apply getslice valdator 2 then group them back again apply viewportindex… sadly but that’s how u can work out quite complex setup without any stuff like offeseting view and objects etc. there is something with layer order in group is actually reversed, but that might be in a previous build.

Viewport index works if u have spread of 4 quads and u have 4 viewports in ur render so if u want to draw each quad on each viewport u can put that.

Hi Antokhio,

ok, i see. Thank you.
But there must be some dynamic solution, isn’t it?

Mr. Vux?


just guessing that can check it in spatial edgeblend shader…

in this context: on which kind of layers does the validator actually work? there seem to be differences:

i’m a little confused here…

Attached a little sample that does the transformation index pin lookalike.

Yes I dumped Transformation Index since renderers are bloated enough with pins, and found it’s much easier and elegant to operate at layer level.

As a side note, really need to add validator/layer operations overview samples, since next dx releases will make much more use of it ;)

Viewport usage example (11.1 kB)

Flateric thanks!

Your example works perfect for my problem to.

I was looking how to change the drawing order of multiple layers with transparency grouped together. Is there also an other way of doing this using valididators? See the attached patch for my problem…

drawing order.v4p (25.0 kB)