Multiprojector Eyefinity || Triplehead


so i came to the point where i have to build a multiprojector setup…
Basically there should be 6 Projectors, that should be controlled by VVVV.

Because a boygroup setup would be to expensive i was thinking of just one computer either with one Eyefinity Card, 2 Crossfire Cards or one Card with 2 Tripleheads.
The Projectors do not have full hd just WXGA but iam still thinking about the Performance.

The Eyefinity solution would be the cheapest and easiest and would definetly have no genlock issues as i read in other post here.

The Crossfire solution would be a little more expensive but there is more power for each projector i think, but maybe the danger of genlock issues.

Anybody has already experiences in this kind of setups?
thanks for help