Multiple videos triggered by specific keys

Hello, I am completely new to vvvv and visual programming at all. I have a plan for my semestral work, but I don´t have any clue, how to accomplish it, so I am asking any good soul here for help. Here´s my plan:

I am going to bring block of flats to the white cube gallery. Imagine a front side of block of flats like a grid. We have, for example, 4x4 windows (16 flats). I´m going to take a plate of doorbells, and attach it in front of a picture of those windows, projected on the wall. Every doorbell is attached to one video (actually, attached to key on keyboard, that plays that one video file).

What I need is to figure out, how to have a bunch of still (paused) videos on a screen, and when I press a button on a keybord, It will make one video play. Then it returns to a previous still state.

Sorry for the long post, and thank you very much for any help.

Livvvve long and prosper!
Jan Černý aka Blacker94

hei blacker94,

you could start by going through the examples in those two directories:

then try to put something together and come back with more questions.

Im on it, thanks a lot :)


For the Play-Time have a look at Mono-Flop… you could go like this: the key gives a bang to a mono-flop with time set to 10 secs for example. the monoflop is connected to your Filestreams play-pin. After 10 secs, the monoflop returns to 0 and the video is paused.