Multiple Video-In

Hi there,

does anyone know if it’s possible to have four live video feeds simultaneously. The PICOLO Alert has multi-channel support but I’m not sure about issues that might come up in conjunction with DirectX/vvvv.
Are there any limitations besides the capabilities of the video board?

No limitations VVVV side… Create as many VideoIn nodes as you have cameras for. However, I would be very wary buying a card that is mainly intended to be run on a security CCTV system as you’ll probably find that the card only works with the software that came with capture card!

I’ve heard of someone using the IVC-200 with VVVV so that definitely works with four inputs running simultaneously.


Thanks for the hint, gaz.
Hm… I know it’s been an issue since ages, but what about de-interlacing. Is that something I have to take care about when choosing a board like the IVC-200? It says it can handle PAL or NTSC - does that mean like ‘prograssive’ or ‘interlaced’ image fields? Or is this more related to the connected cam?

Check that post…

A friend of mine used IVC-200/V4 with 3 cameras for her graduation work. Worked fine with 320x240px. I cant remember interlacing problems, but we used them just for a simple region tracking.

I dont know if its possible to run 4 cameras in full size/25fps with that card as this is a massive data stream to CPU. But a little research about PCI bandwith would answer it you.

PAL or NTSC doesnt have to do with interlaced or not, but with 50/60hz and pixel dimensions and color mode Technique If you need deinterlaced for sure best opt for Firewire cams, which can record in progressive mode (which is non-interlaced), they give secure 25fps and dont heat your CPU. But probably not 4 into 1PC - split it to 2PCs.

But as always - a lot of options and it strongly depends on your needs.