Multiple UI buttons with Button(3d Quad)

Hi Guys,

Noob question I’m afraid.

I have an old fashioned, simple UI featuring a few buttons (PNGs on quads). The buttons need to be positioned in specific places on screen, so they are not transformed from a spread.

I simply want to be able to pick up clicks on the buttons (eg with separate bangs). Simple, right?

I’ve successfully used Button(3d Quad), but in this scenario, is it best to use a separate Button node for each separate quad, or should all the quads’ transforms be merged into a spread first and passed into a single Button node? (I imagine if this was a UI with lots of buttons then a spread might come in handy somewhere along the way.)

If it’s the single Button node option, what are the best strategies for creating the spread and separating the results at the other end?

Many thanks for your help!


UI_Buttons.v4p (25.5 kB)

Have a look at sites/default/files/user-files/Herbstlaub_0.v4p originally posted here: Creates 10 “buttons” through a spread. Well, it uses a HitTest instead of the Button(3dQuad), but the Output of the AND at the bottom should give you want you need.

I’d suggest this.

UI_Buttons-1_mod.v4p (27.3 kB)