Multiple texture on multiple geometry

Hi guys! I have a list of textures (Don’t know before how many, or the size!) and I should use each one to fill a different geometry. Looks like the Texture in Constant (DX11.effect) is not spreadable, so for now I’m creating a loooooooooong texture putting all the texture together

is there a different way?
ps actually shape is the same for all, it may be different (53.4 kB)

you should generate one geometry and then translate it. the problem you have is that you generate one geometry and one geometry can only have one set of textures that will be blended somehow.
see attached patch

MultipleTexture-2.v4p (15.4 kB)

yep, thank! So now the question is:
it is possible to generate a spread of geometries out of a list of points?
it is possible to split a geometry in a spread of geometries?

ps I know how many shape I have, and the number of points foe each.

MultipleGeometry.v4p (21.2 kB)

well well well, looks like Mesh (DX11.Geometry Join Subsets) can make it!

MultipleGeometrySolution.v4p (24.5 kB)