Multiple text ID


I am new to this forum and also using vvv, but from day to day I like it more and more…
Anyway I have a question regarding text rendering concediring my project. So here is my problem:

I am tracking multiple objects with a webcam, I have there x,y position for each of them… what I cannot figure out is how to ID or label with a text each of the object in a render window that can be projected afterwords…

which means one text for each object to be rendered real time, since I track 10 objects I need 10 string names or text to appear in the same time on the renderer depending from the various positions of the objects

in one word I need multiple diffrent strings input to appear in the same time but also all of them to be unique and changable

hoping for a fast answer
cheers :)

hi goctala… check out my textmodule. its fully spreadable and shoud help you. download here:

cheers ele