Multiple Send nodes to one Recieve node

Hi All

I have some time ago posted the wish for the possibility of having multiple send nodes send to the same receive node.

I am currently trying to make a more clever control methodology for my visuals patches, unifying the way it is working and also making the integration of several patches easier. I usually just use a midi controller but often I would like to use other sources of control data to control the parameters. Therefore I would like to construct some type of control matrix that could work universally across multiple subpatches.

these are some of my thoughts so far.

For this I would like to have a way for a subpatch to announce what SendStrings the R node is listening to. For this I would like to have a sort og channel like ControlNames or something similar that can tell a central patch which controls are available for a certain patch and thus what channels it is listening to.

So far I see two options, either using a text file where i have all relevant subpatches write its controls to or udp to broadcast the available parameters.

Perhaps I am thinking this wrong, any suggestions are welcome.


Somehow related to this, I have discovered that the SendString input of the S node is not spreadable. it would be nice if it was so consider this a feature request for Spreadable S nodes too.

see attached example that illustrate how I would like it to work.


SpreadableSendStringPlease.v4p (6.7 kB)

with the S (Value Advanced) and the R (Value Advanced) from the AddOnPack you can have multiple Sends on one Receive. they behave in a LTP manner.

although the SendString isn’t spreadable…

Thanks kalle

I just noticed this myself too