Multiple screens video displayed HELP! SOS!

Hi vvvv masters!! well, im new on this so, im not really a great vvvv user, but i love it, i was trying to expand a video in multiple screens, im using a double graphic card in a pc with 6 video out puts, dvi and hdmi outs, im using te graphic card settings to expand mi desktop in four outputs, 1024x768 each, so desktop expands to 4096x768, we are gonna have a kind of installations for some event projecting on a square like a simulated 360 projection, the think is that we arrived to put each render window on each screen in full screen, we put the patch here to see the example, we are using a avid file, the pc works ok in quality and everything ok, the point is that we dont know if it is the correct way to doit, for make that the 4v patch open auto run when windos start, and the full screen of each render window expand in the correct screen, may be some of you with a better knowledge of 4v can help us to give us some advice!!! thanks a lot guys and chers from mexico city!!!

360_1.v4p (10.0 kB)

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You are using the multiscreen (ex9 Spanmode) node, and yet you are not using the soft edge (for overlapping, seamless projectors), so why use the multiscreen node at all?

Only Windows XP has Spanmode, what windows version are you running?

Making a patch autorun when windows starts is easy, just drag the main patch to the Startup folder, in start menu.