Multiple Screens: Fullscreen black w/ SetRenderer

Probably someone has done it before, but I’m failing at the moment:
What I want to do: Read Screen Info, set Renderer to specific screen, depending on how many screens are connected to the PC and then set Fullscreen to 1.

First parts are working well with SetRenderer(EX9). But when choosing Fullscreen via SetRenderer or Via Pin at Renderer, the Renderers are going completely black. No tty-info…
The only thing i know is that my patch has renderers saved as fullscreen. so they will probably exit fullscreen, move rendererwindows, enter fullscreen again.

I tried it with Window(Windows), but it was a mess, too.

GPU: GeForce 760

Maybe someone has a hint?

problem lies in how the patches are saved. when I’m saving with renderers in fullscreen mode, it’s going black the next time i’m opening. When I’m saving in Windowed mode, it’s working as it should, i can exit and reenter fullscreen as many times as i like.

Is there a way to reset this behaviour with renderers saved in fullscreen?

you’d not save with fullscreen but use the Fullscreen on a renderer to go fullscreen programmatically…e.g using OnOpen (Animation) connectedd to a Toggle (Animation).

well… but what that does is setting the pin to 1. and therefore it changes the patch, so everytime I want to quit it asks me if I’d like to save my output patch, when saving, next time it opens the output will be black!
So I and the people who have access to the computer have to be very careful, and I want to prevent every error that might be predictable - and this is one for sure.

I know this problem for a long time now. While working as a intern at meso I was also told to not save in fullscreen.
But can I reset the renderer-output? What does vvvv do when I’m using something like svvvvitcher or some kind of loader via setpatch?
I’ll give that a try… after christmas… :D
thanks joreg, greetings to berlin.