Multiple renderers

hey i am working with 4 GDI renderers and i was wondering if there was
a way to diplay these 4 outputs from the same computer.
ive tried using the “cons” box but it just split the screen in to 2 identical parts wheres what i need is also beeing able to define the size of each renderer
so for example having one rendere display big and the other 3 small
and also to be able to define their location relatively to one another.
im a total begginer so i hope thats not a silly question.
any help would do.

it is impossible

why not output the 4 gdi renderer outputs to textures and render these on a dx renderer with 4 quads? sounds quite simple.

thanks for the suggestion but…
i could’nt find a renderer called “dx” in there.
did u mean the ex9 renderer maybe?

yes, back in the old days the ex9 renderer was called a dx renderer

this patch should help you getting some motivation but i strongly recomend to read the beginners tutorial.


gditexture.v4p (13.2 kB)

hey thanks a lot
and sorry for the stupid begginer Q’s

hey no need to be sorry, i just would regret if you stop learning that great software just because you get demotivated :)

and ask as many questions you like.