Multiple Renderers, Low Framerate


I’ve got a problem when using multiple DX9 Renderers. When I have more than one, my framerate drops to ~7fps.

I think this is happening since I updated my graphics driver to GeForce Game Ready Driver 384.94, but I can’t promise this is the case.

When I run vvvv with my slow integrated GPU, there is no Problem, only when I start it with my GeForce GTX 660M.

I’ve tried fiddeling with all Renderer Settings in the Inspector, nothing seemed to help.

Any suggestions?

The problem is better with today’s GeForce driver - 327.23 (I have no idea why that number is lower than the one before).

Right now I’m able to have to have two renderers with open windows:

When the third one also has an open window, my framerate drops to ~20fps:

And with my integrated Intel GPU I’m able to have soo many at once!

Are you on MSI?

nope, it’s a Nexoc g508, german noname brand. Had no problems so far, I’ve had this thing for 4 years now.

Its not the pipet that is doing that? Bringing gfx from GPU to CPU is always a bottleneck

The pipet is there in both scenarios, so it cannot be the bottleneck. It’s only there to make sure the renderer needs to draw even when it’s not open in a window. I can confirm the same thing happens when not using the Pipet.

what does the perfmeter say? which bar is it?

It’s Cyan, so Present right?

I have two suggestions…

First you need special driver for your hardware, like if that is a notebook, try one from manufacturers website. (It’s not always helping downgrading your driver like that, ussually it works only after clean windows reinstall ;( )

Second. You have bloatware somewhere.

I had once laptop with gtx650, and it had special driver, i did pressed driver update, after that geforce stopped to work, and no driver install helped, ended buying new laptop…

so if you adjust “Presentation Interval” to immediate on all renderers does it change anything?

Resolved - but I couldn’t identify the problem, I reinstalled windows which I had to do anyway. Running on NVIDIA driver 382.05 now (a bit old I think) with no problems.

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