Multiple render targets

here is an example for using multiple render targets: (2.89 Kb)

note that the texture is spreaded manually through the inspector, since the dx9texture doesn’t know if any effects require multiple render targets. effects outputing only one color should render themselves equally into each of the render targets.

correction: effects outputing less colors than render targets will not render themselves into those render targets for which they don’t specify any output color.

“note that the texture is spreaded manually through the inspector”

but where? i cant find it…

in the example the “Format” pin of the DX9Texture is spreaded. open up the inspector and have a look inside the slice inspector (click on that double arrow)

yeah just found it… its really well hidden…

DX9Texture also features the Cube Texture Type. Could I utilize this node now to create cube textures?
If yes, do you have any example?

hi sven,

no sorry, this pin is still a placeholder.

oh. what a pity…