Multiple mono audio files to separate audio output channels

Hi everybody,
I’m a VVVV newbie and I’m currently trying to understand how to make multichannel audio in my patch.

Actually I’m wondering if it is possible, given a set of 8 separate mono audiofiles, to reproduce them simultaneously addressing 8 different output channels of my MOTU audio interface.

Now my setup is working well with my MOTU 828x sending audio out simultaneously from its analog outputs: I’ve tested it playing back the “vvvv5.1” file from the “vvvv_50beta36_x64\girlpower\Audio” folder).
Simply I would like not to use a pre-produced multichannel audiofile in order to do this but a bunch of indipendent mono audio files…

Is it possible somehow?

Thank you very much for your support

PS: my MOTU Audio Console is setup like this (whit the “Use Stereo Pairs for Windows Audio” unchecked) and here’s a screenshot of my very simple patch


Hi there and welcome :)

Its possible, but not with the standart way that you posted.

To be able to use multiple channels you need to get the VVVV.Audio Pack which runs on ASIO.

Here the AudioOut nodes have indices and depending on how you set up your ASIO driver, these indices can be used to target different outputs.

Just check out the examples there :)

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Thank you @tekcor, today I’ve made some experiment with the audio pack and it’s working very well.
It is pretty intuitive to use for me too that I’m coming from a PureData background!

Thank you very much for your support!

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You might as well use a single AudioOut with all 8 channels as a spread and route them with MatrixMixer.
Spread of filenames to the filestream will give you all channels of the respective files as said output spread, so you don’t have to put them together with Cons.

You don’t even need to route them with MatrixMixer if you have them as a spread, then it will work as desired as long as the order of the spread is correct.

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