Multiple Meshes with Delaunay


I’ve plugged a Delaunay block behind a Contour to create meshes from detected contours. Unfortunately, I only get 1 mesh for all my contours.
How can I split this mesh depending on Bin Sizes?
I tried with the Delaunay (2d) help. I’ve played with Bin Size to get separated groups of vertices, but I always get 1 mesh instead of a spread of meshes.
I want to have different colors for each contour.


Adding colors to the VertexBuffer and using Drawfixed to render the mesh will help me to do some vertex coloring.
So, no multi meshes, but it works for me.

want to share your patch?
would be appreciated…

Here’s one with separate meshes.

SpreadedContourMesh.v4p (21.5 kB)

ah ok, I just had to use EX9.Geometry-Join-Subsets instead of EX9.Geometry-Join :-)

Here is my old patch without hint from everyoneishappy.

Contour to colors.v4p (14.4 kB)

Thanks guys,
another question for you:

Using convex mesh like a kinect output for example, you know how to avoid the hulls? I thought the ConvexHull node was good but how to patch it? the help patch doesn’t help me and the other ConvexHull by Vux is blinking red/grey at 60fps…:)

Thanks for reply


@ robe not sure what you are after? Maybe the concave hull? Have not done that, it’s apparently much trickier then the convex

Would certainly be nice to have both in vvvv.

There is a stack overflow thread that probably has some good hints: