Multiple mesh output from a dynamic plugin?

I’m trying to write a dynamic plugin for generating more than one mesh (OK, mesh segments) given a spread of input values. I looked at vux’ 2D plugins, but those look quite different than how things happen in the current dynamic plugins.

Is there some way to concatenate data to the output mesh? The template for EX9.Geometry creates a mesh in the CreateMesh() method, and it would be OK if I created them there and modified them in UpdateMesh, but again can’t find out how to create a mesh with more than one segment.

Or can I create an empty mesh in CreateMesh() and then build it up in UpdateMesh()? Thanks!

when creating the meshes inside the plugin you can easily concatenate them to get one mesh with multiple subsets.

Yes, I found that, but not sure I’d say “easily”,as that page is just a declaration def with zero explanation. How does one create an array of meshes (Mesh meshes) to pass into it? Perhaps it’s my lack of C# knowledge, but I could not figure out a way to do that with a “managed” data type. Also it’s not clear to me how the meshflags argument should be used. A pointer to an example would be oh-so helpful. Thanks a bunch joreg!

sorry for using the word “easily” in that context, here is how the collada-plugin makes use of the mentioned function: