Multiple Mainloops

Hi Devvvvs

I discovered that I can now have more than one mainloop in the same instance of vvvv.

when Combining two patches that each used to have their own MainLoop both MainLoops will be there. it seems to create some slight stutter and also moves them around the patch. but it seems like there are no further problems in it.

I am on beta27.2

hm, not sure what you mean. are you noticing a change in behaviour from earlier versions? there shouldn’t be any. MainLoop (VVVV) has been a singleton ever since which means you can have only one instance of that node per patch. but even multiple instances in multiple patches will always refer to only a single internal representation. ie. all instances will always have the same parameters.

VVVV has one main loop regardless of whether there’s many MainLoop nodes.
that’d be an awesome upgrade though!

Yes as with repeated singletons you ll notice that the input pins are “highlighted” (or wahtever) if there is somewhere connected to them in another instance so you shouldn t be able to connect new values to it.