Multiple lines

hey there,

the Line (EX9.Geometry) uses spreads for generating a line point by point, but how i have to proceed to draw more than 1 line without any connection between the lines? Just using one line node.

that is what the binsize pin is for. fill it with a spread to specify how many points belong to each line.

so if you feed the line 10 points you could feed the binsize pin a spread of
5, 3, 2
to specify that the first line is made up of the first 5 points, the second line is made up of the second 3 points and the last line is made up of the remaining 2 points.

And negative binsize is ammount off lines… (??)

Think this is one for the Westtricks :)

right. a negativ binsize (not spreaded) gives the amount of lines which the points are divided up to. so if you give the line 9 points and a binsize of -3 you should get 3 lines, each using 3 consecutive points.

joreg: is the behavior you describe for negative binsize implemented in all nodes using binsizes?

i added this to the node reference at Line (EX9.Geometry)

oh cool,

i was just thinking to generate several lines over spreads,
like spread a spread…

if i put a linear spread into the wide pin i get 5 lines, but when i want to control "control X " it looks weird…

i tried many combinations with spreads and think about it alot but
i cant get simple result. iam stucking a bit now, is it possible to
spread them again?

@diki: yes
@ysap: can you provide a patch demonstrating somehow what you’re trying to achieve? i don’t get it from your description. specifically what do you mean with the “wide” pin?

oh sure…

line2.v4p (6.5 kB)

something like that

bezier.jpg (584.5 kB)

ai ysap,

the above .jpg is broken and the patch alone won’t help me understand what you’re after. try with the image again pls…

hey, i just wanne have more than one bezierline where i can change the size for each line …

bezier.jpg (30.1 kB)

ouright then, how about something like the attached. the lines Width is not spreadable though…

line2-spreaded.v4p (7.2 kB)

thanks man,

i started a complete new threat and finally i did something similar to your patch …thanks!