Multiple line patch for paint-like patch

Hi guys.

I have a simple multitouch device I built at home and I want to use something like “paint” on it with different persons being able to draw with different colors.

I tried the Multiple lines patch from diki on my computer but it was patched on an old version of vvvv and doesn’t work anymore on newer versions.

I was wanderning if someone worked on this kind of patch since diki.

If you have any hints or idea for a “paint” like patch for multiple users let me know !!

Thank you very much.

I made something similar once, a patch to draw a line from the movement a person does in gdi, but I gave up at a certain point. the most complicated thing about it is saving the tracking of the line (you need the to save the coordinates of the points touched) and the adding of a second or more lines (automatic added spreads).
Well here is the patch, see if you can make any use of it. You need to replace the camshittracker with the output of your multitouch device.
I think its not that difficult to make, just takes some time, patience and experience in vvvving.

linemappatch v2.v4p (12.9 kB)

when ‘painting’ it’s worth experimenting with the clear flag off on your renderer.
e.g. your touches could be simple quads which get dragged around, leaving trails because the clear flag is off.


you could have one line per touch, which is drawn between the position of the touch this frame and the last frame. that way, the bin size of all lines would be 2, and you would simply feed it 2 vertices per active touch in one spread.
this would look visually the same, but you wouldn’t get the ability to manipulate the lines afterwards, e.g. for editing curves or for animations.