Multiple instance of contributed plugins in beta26


may beta26 sees several instance of a plug in various folders? and could it couse a crash of the plug?
run one project with a plug in subfolder c:\proj\plug.
close vvvv.
run other project with same plug in c:\proj222\plug.

many plugins will not work after that.
and it looks like: Drag (Value)node is not show in a patch (old style missed links with no red node) or PDF Texture (EX9.Texture) presented as red node with no pins or kinect crashes vvvv.

am i do something wrong or?.. and if i do, how can i fix it?
many thanks.

as i understood right, this is the wanted behaviour of b26. so v4 doesn’t get confused with different versions of plugins with the same name.

the only fix is to put all the plugins in one contributions folder and let it be scanned by the rootpatch.

@joreg: see, not that ultraspecial use-case, which happens to nobody ;)

thanks woei!