Multiple DMX universes with little cat or open dmx?

We are trying to handle several fixtures and we need more that 512 dmx chanels. And we need a cheap solution… so here are the questions

The Little_Cat engine works perfect with enttec open dmx, and that dmx board its super simple and super cheap to build. But, little cat open the board automaticaly, I can not use 2 little cat with 2 boards
Is there any work arround on this ? i already try putting 2 little cats in 2 diferent folders with diferent udp ports

and the other question, related to the same topic, if i use ArtnetToDmx from the freestyler webpage ( convers artnet in to the enntec usb ) i can not create a ArtNet node on VVVV. And if i create the Node on vvvv ( with this other software closed ) when i open the software after the vvvv its running with the ArtNet Send node created, this other software gives me the error " Addres is in use 210 " Any work around on this ?

Im looking for a solution cheaper that Arduino+Ethernet Shields