Multiple Display - Graphics Card - Hardware Setup

Hello everybody,

i did some research regarding multiple Display outputs and have a concluding question about a hardware setup for an upcoming project.

About the Project:

What i need is a 1 PC Setup which can play different DXT1 stacks (each >5000 frames / 30fps) (around 5632x2400 px) - 2x SATA SSD Raid 0 + i7 4790k - should be enough

also we need to do some mapping (grid transform for 15 Quads),
-> we use 10 XGA Projectors and 5 WXGA Projectors
some pipet action (grabbing colors from video and controlling led colors via DMX / OpenDMX USB),
Playing synched Audio (Stereo USB Audio Out) with the image stacks (alternativ for waveplayer in 64bit version???),
and control everything via OSC Signals over network.

After having some troubles with the Fullscreensettings of multiple NVIDIA Cards and some tipps regarding the AMD Eyefinity software i think that it makes sence to switch to ATI for this setup?

We need One control Monitor 1920x1080 and 4 Signals 2560 x 1600 for 4 Datapath which will split the video signals for the Projectors.

Do you think that a R9 295x2 could handle this resolution and the 5 output signals since in total its much bigger than a 4k signal?

Are 2x R9 290x a smarter solution even though a 295x2 is nothing more than 2x 290x on one card?

Does anyone of you have some experience with multiple ATI GPUs and Eyefinity setups.

Do you have any other tipps before we start the project and buy the hardware for this setup?

I would be thankful for any help in advance.




Wikipedia tells us, that 2–6x 4096×2160 @ 60 Hz is possible