Multiple Bezier Lines from Spread

i’m trying to create multiple bezier lines with one bezierline-node. as the input for x and y coordinates already is a spread, its not possible to create it just with using spreads. it looks like vvvv-team created the lineCount-input for this reason, which works fine, but leaves one problem:

i want to use a color spread, so each line has a different color.

this just doesn’t work, all the lines are of the same color. how can i get this to work?

long ago that i used GDInodes.
it really seems that the color input of BézierLine (GDI) is not spreadable.

i would suggest you to go DirectX instead of GDI and use a BézierSpread (Spreads) with a Line (EX9.Geometry) . this should work and be fully spreadable.

thanks kalle, but the problem stays the same. the input for the bezierSpread is a spread too. you have to feed a spread of control points and then get a spread of coordinates in return. so for each bezierLine or bezierSpread i would need an own node.

can i generate a spread of spreads? could this be a solution?

hi !

since b-splines are constructed outof bezier curves this node can be misused for that bezier purpose also.

i hope thats what you wanted?

bezier (8.2 kB)

i just noticed that the linearspread node should be in “Block” alignment mode.