Multiple bangs with sliceoffset

hellow !
i’m working on a simple bang with multiple outputs, trying to use vector size and sliceoffset to a stallone, and it works, but when i use it with a keymatch, it stops hitting off … what i’m doing wrong ?

attached is the patch i’m working with .

bang_sliceoffset.v4p (29.7 kB)

you need a spread which goes into the stallone.
But I think for you the PeakSpread PeakSpread (Spreads)will do this.

bang_sliceoffset_0.v4p (20.1 kB)

I am not sure why you want to do this, but I think Phlegma’s idea is the better one.

The reason why your right side patch doesn’t work, but your left one is working, is that you entered a spread (9 slices, all zero) in the Y Input pin of the IObox.

While you only enter 1 value (no spread) to the bang that goes to the right stallone.

You can figure all this out by hoovering above the pins.

To be honest, your way of using an IObox bang, with inputs connected, while you can still bang it manually, is a new thing for me.